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The details element represents a disclosure widget from which the user can obtain additional information or controls. 4.11.1. The details element

Links about details

  1. Why <details> is Not an Accordion

    posted on by Dave Rupert

    tl;dr - <code><summary></code> is a button and buttons eat semantics

  2. Details / Summary Are Not [insert control here]

    posted on by Adrian Roselli

    Once major browsers started supporting <details> & <summary> developers immediately started to play with them to see what sorts of patterns they could enhance or replace. This is a good thing. Experimentation pushes boundaries, improves understanding. However, we need to be careful of christening th…

  3. The details and summary elements |

    posted on by Scott O'Hara

    The details and summary elements are two of HTML’s interactive elements and together are the elements that create a native disclosure widget.

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