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The lang attribute (in no namespace) specifies the primary language for the element’s contents and for any of the element’s attributes that contain text. The lang and xml:lang attributes

Links about lang

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  2. The lang attribute: browsers telling lies, telling sweet little lies

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    The lang attribute is an essential component in the basic structure of an HTML document. It’s important that we set it correctly.

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    I’ve come across people who do not think that CSS is related to internationalisation at all, but if you think...

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    Way back in October I noticed this WHATWG HTML bug (26942) where someone asked why do these examples of <html> lack the lang attribute? I thought the answer from Hixie was a bit dismissive and not based on any data or real-world benefits of use, particularly in the context of…

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  6. lang

    posted on by MDN

    The lang global attribute helps define the language of an element: the language that non-editable elements are written in, or the language that the editable elements should be written in by the user. The attribute contains a single “language tag” in the format defined in Tags for Identifying Languag…

Code samples

<html lang="ru">
<p>There's a certain <i lang="fr">je ne sais quoi</i> in the air.</p>