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The inert attribute is a boolean attribute that indicates, by its presence, that the element and all its shadow-including descendants is to be made inert. 6.2.1 The inert attribute

Links about inert

  1. Focus management and inert | CSS-Tricks

    posted on

    Many forms of assistive technology use keyboard navigation to understand and take action on screen content. One way of navigating is via the Tab key. You

  2. inert

    posted on by MDN

    The HTMLElement property inert is a Boolean, when present, may make the browser “ignore” the element from assistive technologies, page search and text selection. This can be useful when building UIs such as modals where you would want to “trap” the focus inside the modal when it’s visible.

  3. WICG/inert

    posted on by WICG

    Polyfill for the inert attribute and property. Contribute to WICG/inert development by creating an account on GitHub.

Code samples

<main inert>
<!-- ... -->