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Identifies the next element (or elements) in an alternate reading order of content which, at the user's discretion, allows assistive technology to override the general default of reading in document source order. aria-flowto (property)

Links about aria-flowto

  1. Flexbox & the keyboard navigation disconnect – Tink

    posted on by Léonie Watson

    The only viable way (in my opinion) for the flexbox disconnect to be resolved, is in the browser (as with the Firefox “bug”) and the accessibility tree.

Code sample

<div style="display: flex;">
<a href="/" style="order: 3;" id="i1">One</a>
<a href="/" style="order: 2;" id="i2" aria-flowto="i1">Two</a>
<a href="/" style="order: 1;" id="i3" aria-flowto="i2">Three</a>