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Specifies a basic shape or references a clipPath element to create a clipping path. 5.1 Clipping Shape: the clip-path property

Links about clip-path

  1. How to use CSS clipping

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    Using clipping in CSS can help us move away from everything in our designs looking like a box. By using various basic shapes, or an SVG, you can create a clip path. Then cut away the parts of an element you don’t want to show.

  2. Unfortunately, clip-path: path() is Still a No-Go | CSS-Tricks

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    I was extremely excited when I first heard that clip-path: path() was coming to Firefox. Just imagine being able to easily code a breathing box like the

  3. clip-path | CSS-Tricks

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    The clip-path property in CSS allows you to specify a specific region of an element to display, rather than showing the complete area. There used to be a

Code sample

div {
clip-path: polygon(15px 99px, 30px 87px, 65px 99px, 85px 55px);